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Houzz Interior Design Ideas
iOS | Free

Depending on your vision, the sky’s the limit for reno work. That being said, everyone needs help generating ideas now and again, which is why the Houzz app comes in handy. Offering an absolute wealth of ideas and categories, consider Houzz like a repository of home reno and decorating projects. With more than 500,000 images available to browse and save in your “idea book” for future reference, there’s no shortage of inspiration here, while the search functions enable you to find local architects and designers to get the ball rolling. Whatever your reno project, this app should help to jumpstart it.

Renovation Budget Tracker
iOS | $2.99

Cosmetic and structural changes to your home can be exciting. A bloated budget, however, is more of an unpleasant surprise. To stay on track financially, this app works by helping you manage all categories related to your reno project. Keep track of all your related expenses, study bills and invoices to ensure the amounts are correct, and even set a countdown clock to monitor time remaining before your completion date, or when a payment is due. Easy to use, this app is ideal for staying within your budget while still reaching your reno goals.

Handy Construction Calculators
Android | $8

When serious measurement number crunching is needed for your reno, having a powerful calculator is essential for getting the job done. Included in this app are 63 individual calculators designed to accurately meet a range of needs for everything from roofing, framing, walls, floors, ceiling work, electrical, landscaping, masonry, foundations and more. While partially focussing on dimensions, the calculator also estimates for supplies – say you need to know how many cans of paint to purchase for your walls, or how many tiles for your kitchen floor. Designed with input from several industry professionals, this is a powerful tool that covers just about every area of reno work.

Expert Video: Home Repair
iOS | $2.99

No matter what your level of experience, taking on a DIY home reno is a real challenge and it may warrant a little bit of assistance from a pro. Home Repair takes you through a series of more than 20 informative videos touching on a range of topics including drywall, concrete, caulking, decking, cabinet installation, flooring and more. For additional assistance, the app offers access to a moderated discussion panel where you can share comments thoughts and questions related to your reno project.

House & Home
Windows | Free

For Windows phone users on the lookout for reno and decorating projects, the House & Home magazine app is a great place to start. Use it to browse a series of photo galleries, as well as several blogs that cover all things home from design to DIY. Sourced from, the app offers a wide range of helpful editorial coverage that should inspire and motivate.

Smart Tools
Android | $2.50

Every reno project requires its share of tools, and if you fancy the notion that you can access any of them on your smartphone, this app is for you. A collection of several helpful tools, use it to measure distance, height, length, level, and angles for your work. Additionally, the app provides a metal detector, a sound level meter, a compass, a flashlight and GPS should you require them. All in, Smart Tools offers a seriously helpful set of items that will aid in the accuracy of your home reno.

Adobe Kuler
Android | $9.99

If your renovation requires some consideration into choosing a new paint colour or two, Adobe’s Kuler is designed to assist and inspire. Sourced from the Kuler community (essentially a network of people who really love colour), the app offers a huge range of colour themes to browse. When you have something a bit more specific in mind, the app allows you to extract colours from images or photos, and when you’re ready for a broad pallet, put together a five-coloured theme using the app’s interactive colour wheel or export it to Adobe’s Creative Cloud where it can then be applied to various other apps.

Home Hardware
BlackBerry | Free

One thing you can bet on for just about any reno project, is that at some point in time, you’re going to require a few supplies. For planning ahead, use the Home Hardware app to search store inventory for products and to check out the newest e-flyers available. Aside from that, choose your preferred store location for local pricing, create an in-app shopping list and save it for reference. While in the planning stages of your reno, it helps to have an app such as this on-hand to ensure that your supply and material needs are organized and ready to access when you are.

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