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Rogers Anyplace TV
iOS, Android, BlackBerry | Free

It’s August, and that means tennis fever is back thanks to the 2012 Rogers Cup. If you’re ready for all the action featuring pro heavyweights including Milos Raonic, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, the Rogers Anyplace TV app is a great way to watch the on-court drama unfold wherever you are. For only $5 per month, Rogers Anyplace TV allows you to stream Rogers Cup matches, as well as Blue Jays baseball, additional programming, and news directly to your mobile device. There’s certainly plenty of amazing tennis to be seen, so even if you’re stuck at work, riding the bus on in a park, using this app is like being courtside.

Android, iOS | Free

From the Rogers Cup in Toronto and Montreal to regular events across the planet, the ATP World Tour is a non-stop dose of on-court excitement for serious tennis fans. As the official app of the tour, the Association of Tennis Professionals and Women’s Tennis Association, you can keep track of all the action as it unfolds. Tournaments and scores are updated in real-time, while player ranks, stats and match calendars are at your fingertips. Available in several languages, the app also provides users with player biographies as well as head-to-head records.

Tennis 109 with Jimmy Connors
Windows Phone | $6.99

When looking for tennis tips, might as well go straight to the top with a former superstar like Jimmy Connors and his instructional app, Tennis 109 (referring to the record number of singles titles he won). Featuring a generous amount of video that focuses on both the instructional side of things, with a comprehensive system that incorporates technique with strategy, alongside his personal insight. As supplementary content, Connors also dedicates time to discussing the most pivotal moments in his career, the games that defined him and his hardest opponents, so if you’re looking for a tennis app that inspires and informs, this one’s a keeper.

The Tennis App
iOS, Android | Free

Comprehensive is certainly one way to describe the simply named Tennis App and its content. Designed to offer an impressive range of interactive instructional videos, tips, ranking and news, this app is as much a training assistant as it is a wealth of information about the pro circuit. Download a range of free interactive video lessons for improving everything from your topspin to trick shots and serve returns, check out the latest news curated from selected tweets and web sources, and learn from pros such as  Bob and Mike Bryan. For players looking to improve their technique, this app hits all the marks and then some.

Score Mobile
Windows, BlackBerry, iOS | Free

Following pro sports is a casual hobby for some, a religion for others. If you fall into the latter category, the Score Mobile app offers up an exhaustive amount of content to keep even the most enthusiastic fan busy.  Following the ins and outs of leagues and organizations such as the ATP and WTA, NBA, MLB, CFL, NFL, EPL and MMA among many others, the app provides real-time alerts, immediate score updates, stats for players and teams, odds (if you’re the betting sort), previews, recaps, standings and all the big news stories of the day. In terms of customization, you can follow the specific player or team of your choosing, and check out all the supplementary blog and video channels as well. With all this content, just make sure you still actually have some time to watch the game!

Tennis Trakker Pro
iOS | $12.99

When it’s time to take your tennis game seriously, a little statistical analysis sure goes a long way. That’s the basis behind the Tennis Trakker Pro app and its ability to gather player information in order to highlight individual strengths and weaknesses over a period of time. Ideal for both coaches and players, the app’s intuitive interface is designed to easily record each point as it’s played. Once several games have been recorded as such, a statistical database is constructed for your reference, and to understand where your game needs to be improved upon. From there, you can upload your info to for an illustrated graph. For those of us with dreams of playing at the Rogers Cup one day, this app offers a definite leg up.

Tennis Tips for iPad
iOS | Free

Aside from stats, there are many, many factors to consider when you want to bring your A game on the court. From improving your technical ability and tactical approach to playing, right through to your physicality and focus, the Tennis Tips app is a big help. Provided by a group of respected tennis teaching pros, this app intelligently covers a wide range of topics through writing and videos.

BlackBerry | $1.99

Likewise if you’re a BlackBerry user who wants a constant stream of ATP and WTA news and match results, then LiveTennis is your access to the pro tour. Covering all the big events including Wimbledon and the Grand Slam, the app updates scores instantly and offers access to previous match results. If you’re following a particular player, the search feature then provides you with their upcoming schedule, while rankings and all the latest news are also included.

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