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Vogue Knitting
iOS | $3.99

Anyone who’s ever picked up a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yarn knows there’s way more to the age-old craft than turning a bunch of knots into a scarf. In order to organize your projects, materials and craft planning, the Vogue Knitting app is ideal for the beginner right through to the most accomplished of knitters. Log your notes and tips as your projects progress for future reference, keep track of your supplies for the next shopping trip, and even receive assistance with techniques and terms, while also referring to a library of stitch patterns.


Windows | Free

Part social media tool, gallery space and inspiration resource, the ARTistic app is a tool designed to allow artists and crafters to get their work out there through exhibition and promotion within the app’s community. Once installed, use it to upload images of your craft projects, paintings, sketches or whatever else you’re creating (as well as any relevant notes), and then get sharing – you’ll receive analytical reports for all of your images. From there, start checking out the work of others – if you see something you like and want to drop a comment or review, do that before downloading the images for your reference. As far as online communities for artists go, this one is worth checking out.


DIY Reader
Android | Free

In between craft projects and want to see what other people are up to? The DIY Reader app works as an RSS feed for popular and informative craft and DIY blogs that should offer a serious boost of inspiration. Included in the feed are the likes of DIY Life, Geek Crafts and Hacked Gadgets among several others, while news and other features are chosen by the app’s editors. If craft culture is your thing, DIY Reader is an excellent window into creativity.


Crafty Gemini
Android, iOS | Free

Originally started as a YouTube channel for craft and DIY projects that cover sewing, quilting, soap-making and everything else in between, Crafty Gemini is now a mobile app that works as both a repository of very helpful how-to videos updated weekly, while also being a place to connect with the video’s host to pose questions and suggestions for future video tutorials. There’s also a link to an online shop where you can purchase e-patterns created by the host, as well as other gifts she’s made. Getting useful tips on doing your craft project right just got much easier.


Amazing Origami
iOS | $0.99

As complex and refined as the process of crating origami shapes looks, ambitious crafters shouldn’t throw in the towel until they check out Amazing Origami. With over 20 shapes in all, organized by categories such as animals, stars and toys, the app offers easy-to-understand tutorials that take you through a step-by-step process that even the most inexperienced beginners can grasp. Once you do get a hold of things, the end results from the app can be pleasantly surprising to behold, and make for some pretty special gifts should you be willing to part with your paper creations.


SketchBook Mobile Pro
Android, iOS | $1.99

Have that next big craft idea in your head but need to sketch it out before you get started? To be sure, there are many different drawing and painting apps out there, but SketchBook Pro is certainly ranked amongst the best for a reason. For creating art on your mobile and tablet, the app offers a wide range of painting and sketching tools including more than 60 pencils, pens, brushes and similar effects (there are tons more available from the app store), multiple levels of undo and redo, customizable colour swatches and shortcuts, pressure sensitivity and too many other features to list here. After learning the ins and outs of this powerful little art app, you’ll be surprised at the work you can create.


ETSY Addict
iOS | $0.99

Any serious crafter out there knows just how important ETSY is to the world of DIY. For those unfamiliar, it’s the go-to destination for any craft project where you can buy and sell one-of-a-kinds to your heart’s content. The ETSY Addict app offers a wide range of searching filters (narrow by price, materials, description, etc), categories to browse, as well as all your seller information including feedback, sales counts and more. Additionally, you can create a list of all your preferred sellers to stay on top of their newest creations and hopefully snag them before other buyers can! If you’re a seller or a buyer, the ETSY Addict app is a great tool for finding that special item quickly.


Floss Checklist
Android | $0.99

When it comes to taking on a craft such as embroidery or quilting, keeping track of all your thread, floss and other tools can be a real challenge – especially when you’re shopping and trying to remember what you need to stock up on. Supporting a vast number of companies who manufacture all the materials you’ll require, the app is designed to manage your shopping list and current inventory. On top of that, a canvas size calculator allows you to figure out canvas dimension sizes for future projects. For embroidery crafters, a detailed checklist like this one is perfect for keeping your supplies in order.

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