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Take a look at the smartphone in your hand. It’s probably got a super-snazzy screen, and likely a top-notch camera with video. If only it had an audiophile-worthy, built-in speaker. Then again, that’s what headphones – and we’re talking really good ones, not tinny, static-laden ones – are made for. Clear, crisp, full sound, whether you’re on a call, watching a video or listening to tunes.


Audiofly AF56 M
$109 |

Best For: The Commuter
You’ve never heard the power of an earbud-style headphone till you’ve strapped on these lightweight, booming-bass, noise-isolating buds. Super-clear across the sound spectrum, these super portable ear buds also feature a built-in mic and separate call button for quick access to phone calls. Comes with sturdy, tin case for tangle-free transport.



SMS Audio STREET by 50
US$250 |

Best For: The music lover
Inspired by rapper 50 Cent, these over-ears are ultra-comfy and built for deep listening with professionally tuned sound drivers. In other words, these noise-cancelling cans with detachable cord are as good as it gets for over-ear sound as stylin’ as your phone. Dig it.



JLab Kid’s Headphones
US$40 |

Best For: Your kids
Putting your headphones on your kid might look cute, but they’re too big or too loud. Lucky for us, JLab has created kid-sized headphones specifically made for, well, kids. Comfy, cool-looking and with a built-in volume limiter so they don’t blow out their ears. They’re also very sturdy and able to withstand the beating your kid will certainly put them through.



Sennheiser PMX 680 Sports
$80 |

Best For: Fitness fanatics
If you’re into jogging or any sort of sweat-inducing, gyrating activity, you need your smartphone headphones to do two things really well: stay well-positioned on your head without getting in the way; and prevent sweat or rain from seeping inside the buds and muffling the sound. These lightweight headphones do both, plus there’s an extension cable with volume control, so you can change the cord length and quickly raise or lower volume.




Ear Force M5 Mobile Gaming Headset

$50 |
Best For: Mobile Gamers
OK, gamers, get set for some serious sound. Comfy, with large, noise-isolating over-ear muffs, this headset was built with the on-the-go gamer in mind. Compatible with most smartphones, tablets and portable game systems, the cord also features an in-line microphone with call control, so you can talk on your smartphone or chat over the Internet while playing games.

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Headphones for your Smartphone

Gerry Reiter, on said:

when I bought my new cell I was given a box ,With a charger and a guide book no head phones .should on not come with the cell that I got ??


Beverly, on said:

I am trying to purchase the Audiofly AF56M headphones that you recommended in your email newsletter but I can’t find a location to purchase them. Any recommendations? HMV doesn’t have them in stock. Thanks


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