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Quick Tips

1. How-to: Connect to a Wi-Fi Printer

Who need wires? Not you. Connect your hotspot to a Wi-Fi enabled printer and print from any device connected to your hotspot.

1. Press the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on top of the hotspot. You’ll see the WPS setup screen come up.

2. Press the power button to enable WPS.

3. You’ll have 2 minutes to enable the WPS connection on your printer. The two devices will communicate and establish a connection.


2. How-to: Lock & Unlock your Hotspot

Don’t want someone curious about your hotspot to accidentally disconnecting you. Lock it.

1. Press and hold the Navigation button for 3 seconds


3. How-To: Change your Wi-Fi Network Name and PASSPHRASE

Want to add a personal touch and perhaps a password you’ll easily remember? You can personalize this and other features through the device’s homepage.

1. Once you’ve connected to the hotspot, open your browser and navigate to http://swi.hotspot.

2. Log in using the default admin login name – swiadmin.

3. Under the Device Security menu you can change your network name and password.

4. Improve signal strength

By placing the hotspot 1 to 2 metres from any electronics that generate RF interference (TVs, microwaves) and by placing near a window, door or drywall walls (keep away from brick, concrete or metal walls).

5. Extend battery life

A) configuring the hotspot to use a smaller Wi-Fi range (in the advanced settings) if you are going to be sitting nearby your hotspot – there’s no need for the signal to need to span farther unless other users around the room are connecting.

B) Connect to the hotspot via a USB cable and disable the Wi-Fi on the hotspot.

C) Limit how many users you have connected to the hotspot.

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Donald Kucharczuk, on said:

Is there a way to Tether a Sierra AC754S through USB, to connect to the internet rather than using WiFi


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