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The days of having one desktop computer in the living room are long, long over. You might still have a desktop computer, but you probably have a laptop (or two) too, not to mention game consoles, tablets, smartphones… These devices are increasingly intuitive and easy to use ­– the challenge can come when you have to set up your home network.

Not anymore, thanks to Easy Connect. The new process replaces Rogers’ old home networking CD with a simple USB-based installation process that makes managing and setting up a home network super easy. For anyone. Seriously, even your most technologically challenged family member could do it.

Here’s how to use Easy Connect:

  1. Insert the Easy Connect USB key into any wirelessly connected computer. Don’t worry, Mac fans, it’ll work just fine on both Mac and Windows.
  2. Connect your Rogers modem. Not 100% sure how? Follow the on-screen animations provided by Easy Connect.
  3. Believe it or not, you’re done! Easy Connect will automatically connect securely to your modem, and complete the installation process.

TIP: To add an additional computer to the network, simply insert the USB key and the application will automatically configure the computer. You don’t need to do a thing.

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19 thoughts on “How-To: Easy Connect in 3 Steps

Polo, on said:

I got the easy key, but it says that I need adobe reader, which I have, and is still wont work, its the second time happening to me with thi "easy to connect key", never works


    AnnoyedAsHECK, on said:

    I have the same issue. I’m on OS X El Capitan. My macbook air doesn’t have an ethernet port either! I’m stuck. I hate this..

Tsering Choeden, on said:

the first time i used my easy connect key. it worked but after that i have tried it several times but it doesnt work. i forgot my guest password for my rogers ignite 250. everytime i connect it. it stops at 25% and then keeps on aking for the password.


Arthur O'Halloran, on said:

I setup easy connect with upgrade modem but

am not getting hi-speed


Veronica, on said:

Hi I got the Modem with the Easy Connect USB but on my Macbook Air it won’t connect, says I need to download Adobe Reader which i did and still does not work, Any help on figuring this out?


Fred, on said:

My new modem does not have the USB key in the box. Can I still setup the wireless modem ?


dustin, on said:

How do i connect my phone using easy connect?


Sue-zyn Kronick, on said:

where does one get this Easy Connect USB key
and how much does it cost? do you still need a wireless router or is the modem sufficient?


Chris, on said:

Yea! Like, what Percy said. Where do I get this USB key?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Chris,

    The Rogers Easy Connect USB will now be included with the new Cisco DPC3825 Home Networking Modem to replace the Easy Set-Up CD.

Percy Townes, on said:

I don’t know where the KEY is. Are you mailing it? I know I’m not brilliant but I think this email was put together by a ________! When you figure it out please let me know what is to be done if I wish to try it. Thanks, Percy


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