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Quick Tips


The Galaxy S 4 uses a new infrared sensor to detect gestures near the phone — without touching the screen.

1. Turn it on or off by swiping down from the top of the phone (start at the Samsung logo) and tapping the “Air Gesture” icon represented by a waving hand. Green means it’s on, grey is off.

2. Press and hold the icon to open up specific Air Gesture features, such as if you want to answer the phone by waving your hand in front of the screen. Or flip through photos or music tracks by swiping left or right. The same action can advance through web pages if multiple sites are open as browser tabs.

3. Here’s one you might not know: Enabling “Quick Glance” in the Air Gesture settings allows you to wave over the top of your sleeping phone (say, on a table) and you’ll immediately see the time, text and phone message info, battery power, and more.

4. On a related note, you can enable or disable “Smart Scroll” in your GS4 settings, if you’d like to tilt your head to scroll through text on web pages.

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