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Quick Tips

  1. Open the interactive program guide by pressing Guide on your remote either once or twice (depending on how you have your Quick Start order set; see “Change the Quick Start Menu Order,” right).
  2. Navigate to a show you’d like to record, then press OK/Select.
  3. Press the red REC button.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to choose how many episodes you’d like to save to the PVR, how often to record the program and how long you’d like to save the recording.

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38 thoughts on “How-To: Record Shows On Your PVR

Lascelles Hay, on said:

how to record a TV shows on my rogers PVR


jan, on said:

How can I record a show from the beginning when it has already started?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hey Jan,
    Recording it after it starts is just as easy. The best way is to tune to show you want to record, and simply press the “Record” button on your remote. I hope this helps.

Max, on said:

I find your reply on many of the questions not helpful as they do not address the question posed. To refer people to go on Twitter, Facebook or Customer service is a very poor response. Further, many other readers can learn from an informative reply. Please try harder in giving a response to a question.
Thank you.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Max,
    Sorry, we understand your frustration, but this platform isn’t intended to provide customer service, which is why we ask Rogers customers to reach out to Customer Care via social media (on Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps). However, if a customer doesn’t have social media access, they can also contact Customer Support via phone, mail or live chat. Find more info here:

Wealth, on said:

Please am having problem with my TV stepup. Whenever my daughter press anything on the remove to turn everything on, I have to unplong the whole system.
Kindly advise and write step by step setup way to go about it.
Thank you


BradK, on said:


How would one go back and record a show on PVR they had missed? When I go to Guide, select the station, scroll back to the show I want and press ok, it just goes to the station I have selected and it plays the current program. Seems like an important feature.

Thanks in advance.


Irena, on said:

Why i still cannot find 12 years of slave on rogers on demand???

I would love to watch this movie but somehow Rogers is not having it unfortunately
Will this move be available in OnDemand? when


Tricia, on said:

How many recordings can I preprogram on my Nextbox 3. Does a previous setting automatically delete if I reach a max?


Trevor Jack, on said:


I want to set my pvr to tape weekly but when i stand on the program i want to tape i can tape for the week. i dont know how to find set up weekly scheduling :)




Ron Williams, on said:

1. Open Guide and select the desired program which will be highlighted in red.
2. Press OK key which will present first window with
recording options. Use up down direction keys to select ‘Record series’. Press OK
3. A second multiple option window will open. Use direction keys up and down to select an item and left right direction keys to select options. Change episodes to ‘all episodes’. Leave other options as they are given. For instance, keep this time slot and this time slot only.
Now use down arrows to select save option and press OK key. There will be an indication on the guide slot you have chosen to show that recording has been setup.

I post this procedure because I had such a struggle to find it, and the Roger’s technician was unable to give a clear description of it. What is not obvious is that in the selection windows, the left, right direction keys enable the selection of other options before you make a final selection of all the options.


    bob, on said:

    This was great advice however I would like to record any episode of a show but I don’t want the pvr to record duplicates of the same episode of the show and it is so painfully slow to delete a re ording and it switches to live tv when I do it….very anoyning.
    Personally I think tthat all these problems written above could be solved by opening up thelibrary archetecture. Don’t program for every eventuality, ptogram for configurability with some defaults.

Shane, on said:

Does your tv need to be on in order to record tv shows? I have set my PVR to record twice now and the shows that were scheduled to record when the TV was off did not record?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Shane, your TV wouldn’t need to be on. If you’re experiencing any issue, let our Customer Support know via Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook.

    ron w., on said:

    I am astonished to see that Roger’s technician says that TV does not have to ON. You need the screen to see the options. Perhaps the PVR box activates the screen. I am puzzled because I turn my TV on and off using the PVR remote.

Dan Choe, on said:

I try to record Rogers TV shows with my new NetBox PVR. I have problem to set up recording schedules seven days from today. How can I solve the problem?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Dan,
    Could you please contact customer care via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook ( A customer care rep will be happy to help you with your inquiry. Thanks.

    Ron Williams, on said:

    1. Bring up the guide and then select the channel that contains the program you wish to record. This is best achieved by entering the channel number. For instance, if youI want either of the PBS channels you will enter either 64 or 525.
    2. You now need to use the right direction key to scan ahead 7 days to the day that you want. If you hold the direction key down it will start to scan ahead very quickly, and in this mode program information is lost, but day of the week information is still displayed. Sometimes it will stop spontaneously, and you will have to restart it again, may even have to back it up slightly before continuing to the right. When you get to the correct day, stop, and let program information be displayed again. Move either left or right to high light your program.
    3, Now press OK/select key and the first record screen will appear. Then follow instructions that I have given above to make selections in the first recording screen options, then proceed to the second recording screen options, and finally select save, and press OK/select key.

    ron w., on said:

    You have to wait one day before you can reach the 7th. day. You cannot scan that far down.

Deborah, on said:

I have just recenlty subsribed to Rogers Digital.
I have my own PVR (not from Rogers). How do I record a show on it? I tried recording it like I I used to, using the PVR remote. The PVR recorded but all that was on it when I watched was white snow



doris miller, on said:

how to record shows on tv with pvr as well as watching? thank you


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Hi Doris, if I understand you correctly, you want to watch live television while also recording a separate program. You simply need to schedule your recording as indicated above and change the channel to your desired program to watch live.

Gus Cossaro, on said:

How do I access the first floor PVR’s recorded list on my HD Next Box on the 2nd floor?


    @Rogers_Chris, on said:

    Hi Gus, have you set up your home with Whole Home PVR?

    Whole Home PVR is a new service available on the Enhanced HDPVR and HD digital set-top boxes in New Brunswick and Newfoundland or the NextBox HDPVR and Next Box HD Terminals in Ontario. With this service you can watch recorded programming on multiple screens in your home through the networking of your digital set-top boxes. Enjoy the flexibility of watching a recorded program in up to 4 rooms at once (per networked HD PVR) and by stopping the recording you can continue watching it in another room.

Peykan Pezeshki, on said:

How do I place recordings on my PVR into categories. Currently I see all the recordings in a long list. What I would like to see is that all the recordings for one TV shows "example criminal mind" should go to a category for this show.
Bell is using this for years. Please don’t tell me Rogers system is behind.


Maria Vasco Kostic, on said:

I have known very well how to use the PVR, but you people keep erasing my shows and everything else. I have to look somewhere else to find out which TV programs are on.
Why didn’t I get my bill since September?


Bonnie Ayre, on said:

Is there a way to enlarge the print on the guide, of a PVR. I find it very hard to read. Thank you.


Nicole Ardern, on said:

Can I choose the channels I want in a package deal or I have to take what is given to me in that package. In other words I would like to make myself a package with all my favourites. Is that possible?


doirin larkin, on said:



    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Doirin,

    Please contact our Customer Service team via @RogersHelps, Facebook, Live Chat, in a store or over the phone.

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