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You’re on vacation or travelling outside Canada and don’t want your phone to automatically download email. Configuring your “push” settings is easy. This way you can manually download your files when you’re in a Wi-Fi spot. Here’s how:

Steps may vary by device and Operating System version.


1. Open Settings and then tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. From here, tap “Fetch New Data and slide Push to the Off position.

3. In the Fetch menu below, choose Manually. Now your phone will only download new messages when you launch your email app.


1. From the home screen or app menu select the Settings icon and scroll down to Accounts.

2. Select the email you’d like to modify (if you use Gmail, select “Google,” for example).

3. Once you’ve selected, tap your email account (should be at the top).

4. You’ll see a menu. Now you can pick and choose what services you’d like not to sync (Calendar, Contact, Email, Google Drive etc.)

TIP: Here you can also modify the sync setting for other services such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

NOTE: Varies based on version. How-To above is based on a Samsung Galaxy SIII device.


NOTE: There is no way to change the email synchronization interval.


1. From the home screen, tap Settings and then Accounts.

2. Select the account you want to modify, then Advanced and Push.

3. Toggle to the Off position.


1. Access the Settings menu and then tap email + accounts.

2. Select the account you want to adjust (Google, for example).

3. In the Download new content field, tap it and select manually.

4. Do this for each email account you have set up.

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8 thoughts on “How-To: Turn Off Push Email Sync On your Smartphone When Travelling

Syl, on said:

For those of you that have a iPad that shares the data plan with your iPhone beware…I purchased the "roaming plan" for the iphone and assumed that I could still safely use my iPad. When I arrived home I received a bill for $200. When I checked with Roger’s I was told that even though I pay a separate fee to share the data plan this option disappears when you are outside of Canada and you will pay full costs for any data you use on the iPad!


Ghassan Haddad, on said:

I paid more than 300$ of roaming fees in Cuba for junk emails that i did not want to receive because I was not able to turn off my Push Mail (BB 9800). When I discovered that, I turned off my phone untill I was able to clean my emails through acomputer by webmail.
For Rogers Users, the procedure that is deescribed above to turn off your push mail on a BB is not right.They are inducing you into error because they don’t care really. The right procedure is to click on Options than Device than Advanced System Settings than Browser Push and only there you can disable the Push Program.
Rogers ~!@#$%^&*^ I will spare my comments because they can’t be published.


Kamlesh, on said:

I second Alice’s observation. Because it is easy to manage and not worry about data being used when not on Wifi. And also if you completely turn off "Cellular Data", that is even better. That way if you don’t have a cellular data plan and you are travelling abroad, your cell phone will never connect "cellular" network. And everything will be connected through "wifi" only and you can use your iOS device "normally" as soon as you are connected to wifi.

This is exactly how I managed my stay in India for 5 weeks, without getting heavily billed for data or cellular usage and yet be able to use my iOS devices to connect to internet, use emails, receive push notifications even use VOIP phone apps like Magic Jack to connect and talk to my friends in North America…..All on wifi….


Pat, on said:

I have a Blackberry Bold 9900. I tried the suggestions mentioned above under "Blackberry" but there is no Advanced Options option after I clicked on the Blackberry button and then Options. I also tried the settings (wrench icon) and nothing there as well.
Any other suggestions?


Quality Assurance, on said:

Title of the page:
How-To: Turn Off Push Email Sync On your Smartphone When Travelling

For Blackberry 10,
Rogers instructions on the page on
Feb.21, 2013 8:55 p.m. state:
1. From the home screen, tap Settings and then Accounts.
2. Select the account you want to modify, then Advanced and Push.
3. Toggle to the On position.

So in order to Turn Off Push Email
one must select "Push" and then select "On" ?
wouldn’t this turn "Push Email" ON ? not OFF?


Sally, on said:

By turning off "push", it then does not give insturctions on to how to manually download your files when at a wi-fi spot.


Alice Bevan-McGregor, on said:

Turning off push on iOS is not really needed unless you’ve otherwise gone to the effort of enabling data roaming, which is off by default.

With data roaming turned off you will only consume data over WiFi, and if you turn off push you lose that ability on WiFi as well. A better solution before travel is to ensure you do not have Data Roaming enabled on your device. This can be done by opening the Settings application, selecting Cellular Data, and ensuring the Data Roaming slider is switched off.

This will also prevent the problem of forgetting to re-enable push notifications when you get back home.


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