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While the Galaxy S4’s 5-inch screen is great for consuming content, your TV is likely ten times larger. So here’s how to wirelessly play content from your phone to your television.

1. On your S4, swipe down from the top of the screen (over the Samsung logo) and it’ll open your phone’s Settings. Tap “Screen Mirroring” and it’ll look for compatible devices.

2. Compatible devices include most 2013 Samsung Smart TVs and many new Samsung Blu-ray players. There’s also an aftermarket Samsung dongle with built-in Wi-Fi that allows Screen Mirroring on any TV, with compatible device. It plugs into any TV’s HDMI port.

3. On the Samsung televisions, toggle between the input settings until you see “Screen Mirroring.” When you perform step no. 1 (above) the two devices will pair within a couple of seconds. Now, whatever you access on your smartphone – photos, videos, music, notes or websites – it’ll show on the TV screen, wirelessly.

4. Alternately, you don’t need a Samsung dongle or use Screen Mirroring to share your media on your TV. You can also pair your Galaxy S4 with a DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance)-compatible TV to push media there, such as photos and videos. Under the “Connections” tab on your phone, select “Nearby devices” to share your media via DLNA.


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8 thoughts on “How-To: Wirelessly Sync Your Galaxy S4 with Your TV

Lun Lim, on said:

I does it, but it said: device not found


Mohammed, on said:

Is it possible for me to connect my Samsung Galaxy s4 to my LG Smart TV without the use of Wifi as it does ask to connect to a wifi network before we can under the “Connections” tab on the phone, select “Nearby devices” to share the media via DLNA and if so can someone please tell/ show me how to do it please?


Bill, on said:

Is this possible with the a pico projector?? I want to buy the Orealo C1 Slim Pico that comes with the MHL adapter but It would be nice to be able to go wireless too!


francisco adriano gomes, on said:

I love this telephone to win


Dewey, on said:

Actually, the WIFI dongle doesn’t plug into a HDMI port, it plugs into a USB port.


Tsiresy, on said:

I tried to use my S4 via DLNA on my Sony Bravia 40KDL640. I tried to play video on my S4, and press the small square on screen. Only my S4 is found. no other device especially my TV. However, all devices already connected on local network and from TV I can expore my files in my S4. Please advise. Thks


Alex, on said:

Hi Marc, thanks for this article. Would you recommend the Samsung Allshare dongle? Or rather use the MHL adapter? Is Allshare working as smooth as AirPlay?


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