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Identity Protection

Prevent anyone or anything(malware, rootkits) from infecting your PC. Surf without worrying about a Trojan horse kicking through the gate.

Fraud Protection

Block phishing websites from tricking you into giving away personal information, such as credit card, bank or SIN numbers and passwords.

Wi-Fi Security

With this service you can log onto any Wi-Fi hotspot without having to worry about compromising your device’s security.

Data Backup

Back up your data – contacts, photos, songs, videos, files – so it is always safely stowed in case of accidental or malicious deletion or if your PC conks out beyond repair.

NOTE: Data Backup is only available to Rogers Online Protection Premium subscribers. For pricing and details, visit

Anti -Virus, Anti -Spyware, Firewall and Parental Controls

Round out this comprehensive security package with these features.

Get it: Find more info on Rogers Online Protection Premium at

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