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As the years go by and we see more iterations of Apple’s famed iOS ecosystem, we (the users) are still in awe of the myriad iPhone tweaks that can be found buried beneath the surface with a bit of digging.  Let’s have a look at some new and fun hacks we’ve found recently:

Enable “Emoji” icons for text and iMessages

Never lose an emoticon war again!

  1. Tap Settings > General > Keyboard > International Keyboards.
  2. Tap Add New Keyboard, then scroll down to the “Emoji” option.
  3. Open the messaging app and you’ll now notice a small globe key in the bottom left of the keyboard. Tap it and select the Emoji icon to see all the cute little emoticons you can now add to your messages.

Turn off the iPhone accelerometer (screen rotator)

For when you want things to stay put.

  1. Double tap the home button to access the multi-tasking bar at the bottom.
  2. Swipe all the way to the left.  See that circular arrow icon? Press it. That’ll turn off the screen rotation.

Reverse the colors on your iPhone

A cool tweak that reverses the colours of your iPhone’s screen to white on black. Great for reading emails in the dark.

  1. Tap Settings, General, then Accessibility
  2. Tap Triple-click Home (this is basically to assign a function that will happen when you triple click the home button.
  3. Tap Toggle White on Black.

Now, when you triple-click the Home button at any time, it will invert the colours and display the text in white on a black background.

Create LED flashes for notification alerts:

Miss being subtly notified of an incoming alert? This’ll fix that.

  1. Tap Settings > General > Accessibility, and toggle “LED flash for Alerts” to ON.
  2. Your iPhone’s camera flash will now blink to notify you of an alert when your phone is flipped over.

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6 thoughts on “4 Fun iPhone Tricks

Marce Mitchell, on said:

I have been trying to send texts with the emoticons with my friend who has a Galaxy 3, and she is not receiving them. Is this emoji work just between iphones


Clueless, on said:

I am receiving a 3 month free use of data for my Sony Ericsson. My keys are so small, I am having trouble sending emails without hitting extra keys, and for a website my screen is just too small. I am confused about all the new phones. A friend has a (telus plan) Samsung Android (I forget which one exactly) and she loves it. She pays $60 per month with unlimited txting, data usage, free calls and txt across Canada and some other features included. What can you sugget for me with these features?


Cindy, on said:

Frustrated because I upgraded from Iphone 3S to Samsung Galaxy 3 but can’t find a way to transfer all my data safely – contacts, addresses, email addresses, music, purchased apps etc. Grrr….. can you help me? I’ve had new phone for 4 days but using old iphone as I afraid of losing my info!


darryl mallett, on said:

we have lots of trouble with our sony ericson curves. would upgrade to I phones


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