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A decade after the debut of The Bachelor, Canucks finally get their own version with Citytv’s The Bachelor Canada. The reality-style dating show, which premiered October 3, stars 29-year-old Brad Smith, an ex-CFL player who’s
finally ready to settle down and find love. When we found out this jock has a geeky side, we sat down with him to find
out what gear he can’t live without.

MacBook Pro
Smith’s computer of choice is the MacBook Pro – but his model of the über-popular Apple laptop doesn’t look like everyone else’s. “Mine’s got the old-school white casing,” he says. He also used to have a white Jeep and a white BlackBerry. “I’m obsessed with white.”

“I’ve become a YouTube guy,” says Smith. “I never used to be, but suddenly I’m on it all the time.” The self-described “goofball” loves to watch Jon Lajoie, the Montreal-based comedic rapper whose hit “Everyday Normal Guy” has been viewed more than 27 million times.

BlackBerry Torch
Smith’s smartphone is a BlackBerry Torch, which he especially loves for the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app. “Some people love [messenger app] WhatsApp, but I’ll never get rid of BBM,” he says. The only app on his Torch: One Touch Flashlight.

BlackBerry PlayBook
Smith uses BlackBerry Bridge to connect his tablet to his smartphone. He also loves the PlayBook’s portable size. He uses his tablet frequently for video chatting with friends via Gmail Chat. “My best friend lives in Switzerland, so it’s super-convenient.”

Smith uses iTunes on his MacBook to listen to music during downtime. His current favourite is Canadian singer-songwriter Patrick Watson.  “It’s gorgeously sombre music that sounds really weird and depressing, but I like songs about people who have been in love and lose it.” Other artists high on Smith’s playlist include Australian pop artist Missy Higgins and indie rockers The Temper Trap.

Digital TV
Smith relies on digital TV to ensure he doesn’t miss any of his favourite shows. “I get the east coast and west coast feeds, so if I miss a show, I can catch it on the backend,” he says. His top shows over the past 10 years: Californication, Weeds and Entourage. “My favourite of all time is Nip/Tuck,” he says. “I watched the entire series in six days while recovering from some surgery.”

Magic Bullet Express 
Smith’s love of gadgets extends to the kitchen. “Food is my passion,” he says, and he couldn’t cook his favourites without his Magic Bullet Express. “It’s a food processor, a juicer – I just love that thing,” he gushes. He shocked the women on The Bachelor Canada with his signature dish: ahi tuna with soy ginger, served with a side of sweet potatoes made with goat cheese, curry and sriracha sauce. “They were impressed because when I start cooking, it looks like I have no clue what I’m about to do –everything’s everywhere, nothing’s measured,” he says. “But by the end, they were like, ‘Wow!’”

Canon EOS 5D
Smith likes taking pictures of friends and family – including his dad, Senator Larry Smith, former CFL commissioner and former president and CEO of the Montreal Alouettes – and was crushed when his Canon EOS 5D Mark III was stolen recently from his car.

Google Maps
Having lived in many different Canadian cities in his 29 years – he was born in Hudson, Que., but school and football eventually landed him in Kingston, Ont., Montreal, Edmonton and Toronto – Smith often needs a bit of help getting from point A to B. He relies on Google Maps to get him around whatever town he’s in – currently, that’s Toronto.

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