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Who wants to be tied down to a lengthy contract with the lure of amazing new technology everywhere you look? When it comes to your phone, life’s better with more options and less commitment.

Thanks to Rogers FLEXtab™, getting the latest smartphone has never been easier.  Whether you’re hungry for the newest gadget, or things between you and your current phone just aren’t working out, FLEXtab allows you the simplicity of a contract on your own terms, with the option of painlessly upgrading your phone when it’s right for you. With FLEXtab there are no more termination fees.

How it works:

Pay a small fee for your device when you sign a term and Rogers will front you the rest. The remaining balance becomes your FLEXtab. As your contract dwindles, so does the balance of your FLEXtab. Unlike other providers who cap their tabs at a set amount, meaning you pay more money upfront, Rogers asks for a small initial payment then pays down the rest of your tab as long as you keep your phone. When the must-have new smartphone rolls out, or if you happen to damage your device before your contract is up – no problem, a simple formula calculates how much of your FLEXtab balance is remaining. You pay what’s left and start a new tab.

How to get it:

FLEXtab is automatically available to anyone who signed a term after January 22. Existing customers not on FLEXtab can capitalize by renewing their contract or upgrading their hardware.

Don’t let a contract restrict you from evolving technology, banish the fear of commitment and say goodbye to set termination fees.

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9 thoughts on “Have No fear, FLEXtab is Here!

Max Frohnwieser, on said:

I am with Rogers,my Plan ended a few days ago.
I get good low cost Plan offers with a new Phone from other Companies.
I would want to stay with you, but I am still waiting to get a Deal, I can’t refuse !
Why are you sleeping with your "Best Offer", or do you want me to go elswhere ?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Max,

    Feel free to contact Customer Care over the phone regarding your plan!

    judy Parrett, on said:

    I want to know if I can top up my pay as you go phone online. Or can I do it over the phone. In the past I go to a Rogers store and have a sales person do it for me. My current minutes will expire on May 27

    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Judy,
    Could you please direct your inquiry to customer care via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook ( A customer care rep will be happy to help you. Thanks.

John, on said:

I do not know where to go to download the Gingerbreak.apk help!! I upedatd my android os and it killed my ability to tether through setting up an additional APN. CAN YOU HELP!?


Dennis Rae, on said:

Yeah , love your "deals" , I signed up on your plan to add a phone to an existing plan for I believe it was Approx. $18.00 a month. I talked to two customer representatives ,one by phone and the other at the Rogers store , I was assured it was a great deal however my phone bill went from an average of $55.00 to $100.00 ,This was considerably more than the $40.00 I was promised twice. Not impressed at all .


Mark Walters, on said:

Can I get this with an already existing contract?


Susan, on said:

This option should be given to us customers who have been with Rogers a long time. I get very angry when I see all the great deals for NEW customers. I am tired of it and I plan to change companies when my contract is up.


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