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If you’re a TV lover, you know what you watch can be a source of conflict and, at times, the cause of family drama. It’s the all-too-common battle over who gets to watch what, combined with the war on PVR storage space. Welcome Rogers NextBox™ 3.0 to settle the score. Now, everyone can watch what they want – when they want and where they want – and still have plenty of PVR room to store all the programs you all love. Really.

Bid adieu to recording strife

You’re on the edge of your seat, fixated on Jon Snow’s boyish good looks as he battles beyond the wall on Game of Thrones. Pausing for a breather, you notice there’s a new episode of Homeland about to start, plus a special documentary on the Royal Family and that hysterical rerun of The Golden Girls – what do you do? Simple: record everything and watch later. NextBox 3.0 allows you to record up to eight HD programs at the same time. That’s more than double what other PVR boxes can facilitate.

Save more of what you love

You’re obviously excited about the prospect of recording eight shows at once, and discovering new programs, but there’s more: with NextBox 3.0, you’ll never have to anxiously sift through your recordings deciding what to nix and what to keep. Why? Because you can save up to 120 hours – about 5 days’ worth of viewing! – of HD recordings.

Enjoy a magnitude of choices

Saving hoards of content is awesome, but what’s even better is having plenty of top choices to pick from. If The Great Gatsby is your thing, check out the romance section. More into the Bourne franchise? Peruse the latest action flicks. Rogers On Demand is packed with HBO hits, popular TV shows past and present, and oodles of kids and multicultural programming. You can also watch a ton of shows and movies on your computer at

Faster browsing and more control

While exploring new content, you can enjoy more control with five-minute skip and slow-motion playback.

Serve your whole home

If you’re a multi-person household, you probably have several TVs in your home. Good news: NextBox 3.0 is all you need to enjoy a whole-home experience. With Whole Home PVR – which is basically a network consisting of a NextBox HD PVR terminal and a series of additional NextBox HD terminals – you can record and watch shows in up to eight rooms in your house. You can access, play and manage your recordings from any of your networked terminals and enjoy the cool “Follow Me TV” feature, which allows you to watch a recorded show or movie in one room, stop it, and resume playing it in another room.

Want to go one step further? Download the free Rogers Anyplace TVHome Edition App (only available in Ontario to Rogers customers with a My Rogers account) and turn your tablet or smartphone into a remote, which you can use to access the Interactive Program Guide and your PVR – and even stream live TV1.


1 For more information, full details and legal on NextBox 3.0, visit

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69 thoughts on “Introducing NextBox 3.0: A New Way to Love TV

Ron D, on said:

We just upgraded to Netbox 3.0, but on old Digiatl VIP Box we were able to access missed TV shows, like Good Wife or The Mentalist, after a few days. Now on ROD the GUI interface is more snazzy, but we find ONLY shows from the current date going forward,,with TOO TOO much info( re-runs, old shows, etc..) and NO info on the shows we just missed. wondering if something is missing?


    Patti, on said:

    Hi, We have the same problem. I find that the older box works better than the Next Box 3.0. When I use the search for older programs it just comes up with the future shows & also I can’t find the browse in the guide. I have called twice & have gotten no help whatsoever.

Paco, on said:

Quick Question..

The old 8300HD pvrs had a feature in settings where you could active a mode that allows for discrete power control via numeric keys to to turn the box on. versus the PWR toggle, which does not guarantee turning the box on, the same IR code wil lalso turn the box off..

This feature(discrete power on command is key for any AV systems using a universal remote to keep devices in sync

does the next box 3.0 offer this feature?

if not, Bell Expessvu is a better option, as the box never turns off, but displays a screen saver in standby mode , where you press the select key to wake up the box/turn it on…


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi, I’m afraid it’s not available but feel free to contact Customer Care to have one of our reps look into your needs.

Don Brown, on said:

Why do you not answer the questions posed such as pricing etc. rather than directing the inquirer to another person or information centre for the information.??


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Don,
    We understand your frustration, but this platform isn’t intended to provide customer service, which is why we advise others to reach out to Customer Care via social media (on Facebook or Twitter @RogersHelps). Thanks.

eileen maltais, on said:

and i’m sure it would be no different,as the boxes i already have ,reboot 3- 4 time’s a week,as you can’t resolve these issue’s ,!!@!


    joseph, on said:

    It often crashes when it is recording more than 4 shows. It also does not let us watch recorded shows while it records. It unexpectedly will cut out a channel we are recording, and thus we cannot watch that particular channel because it goes black. Best thing to do is spread out the recording like we used to have to with the old PVR, i.e. use time-shift. If you have 8 at once, best to turn the thing off until the number of recorded shows becomes less than 4 at once.

Monique, on said:

How do you upgrade from the old EXPLORER 8300 PVR. I now pay the same amount per/month but the old version does not have all Nexbox 3 recording options. What do I do to switch machines?


Greg Elsdon, on said:

Hi, The NextBox 3.0 sounds very enticing. The one issue I have is that our current NextBox has many, many hours of recordings, which of course we don’t want to lose. Is there any way of transferring those recordings onto the NextBox 3.0. We also have anadditional hard drive from Rogers.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your comment. Whole Home PVR is a great way to keep your recordings; simply add the NextBox 3.0 to the Whole Home environment and away you go.

Hussam, on said:

what’s the cost of the NetBox 3.0


Mitchell LaBrie, on said:

Our concern as Rogers customers is the treatment of us as long term customers versus the benefits, ie free PVR’s, that you give to NEW CUSTOMERS, no benefit to being long term !

We have visited Rogers store, plus 4 calls where we were being transferred to SUPERVISOR/Managers and getting disconnected. They told us at store when we wanted to purchase HTC phone "that they were a business and didn’t match other offers from phone suppliers like Wal Mart, Super Store etc. Your ads state a different message!

Simply we have been unable to talk to anyone at Rogers that deals with a multitude of concerns we have over multitude of offers to new customers which exceed what we current have or were offered when we signed on………….

Thanks, would appreciate a manager calling us but to date this has not been possible for reasons we can not comprehend. I am a retired businessman who looked after all my clients particularly those that stayed with me, I don’t see that philosophy from Rogers in Ontario


jamie augustine, on said:

i was wondering if you can record movies that you rent on movies on- demand


Keith Billings, on said:

My older TV only provides for a Color stream HD input. I have a Nextbox 8642HD that works just fine with this. I tried to update to the Nextbox 3.0 but it does not appear to be compatible with the Color stream input.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for your comment. Could you please report this issue to customer care via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook ( A customer care rep will be able to help you.

    Also, since this is a public commentary board, we’ve removed your phone number from your original comment – for privacy purposes.

carmen duguay, on said:

I have a pvr,but I can only record 2 shows at a time.Is there any way that I can get the NextBox 3.0 without adding extra charges.I have been a loyal Rogers customer ever since Rogers cable started business.


Ruth & Russel Knox, on said:

My husband is interested in watching some channels that we do not get. Could you let us know how we can find out what we can do to get these channels? We are on the $99.00 a month for computer, t.v. and phone. Thank You,
Ruth & Russel Knox


Gerald Landry, on said:

You mention (a) 5 min skip (b) Slow Motion but… no explanation on how to do so.
TIA (thanks in advance).
PS: I did check the FAQs.


Denise joly, on said:

How do you get it and how mutch more would it cost per month ?????????


Livio Cibinel, on said:

I am interested in NEXTBOX 3.0. However, I have two existing CIsco HD PVR’s(8642HD) without NEXTBOX feature. One of these will have to exist in the same room as the NEXTBOX 3.0. I will need separate remote codes. As Rogers is also forcing us to digital and set top boxes, additional codes for the "free" set top boxes in order to use my analog recorders which are also in the same room.
Second question, where can I see a working NEXTBOX 3.0 which I can "play" with to see how it works. I have heard mixed usability reviews Thanks


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Livio,

    I’d recommend you to call your local stores to see if they have an operating demo device.

Lynn McGregor, on said:

I just got an Nextbox this year, can I upgrade to the new one? Would a technician come to the house to set up and explain?


Owen Prince, on said:

I am renting a PVR from Rogers right now.
Can U convert to the new Netbox?


bryan mcmullen, on said:

great new features, but only if you live in Ontario, I guess Rogers doesn’t care about the rest of the country, maybe you should sell all your divisions outside of Ontarion and change your name to Ontario .com


    deb, on said:

    Be happy with what you have — the nextbox and nextbox 3 are garbage, nothing but complaints. The tv constantly runs updates and rarely comes back on without you having to unplug power cord and reboot it, this process takes up to 20 minutes although Rogers says 2 minutes.. this happens a minimum of twice a week. We use the pvr to record multiple programs, currently we are 63% full and we don’t want to switch to the 3.0 because we’d lose everything we’ve recorded. Be thankful you don’t have it yet, wait for them to iron out ALL the kinks. We’ve called numerous times and all they tell us to do is unplug…. very frustrating, and the compensation they tell us will show up on our next bill never comes.

Sagar Sachdev, on said:

What is the rental cost of Next Box 3. I am alrady paying for Next Box


Milt Place, on said:

Got a new Nexbox3.0
I want my old HD box back or else I need someone to tell me how to get the resolution up on this inferior quality picture


Rene Shumak, on said:

How does one get the NextBox 3.0 and is there a cost involved?


Mike, on said:

The NetBox is the SLOWEST box on the market anywhere in the world. It is an abomination that should never have been offered to your clients.
I bought two and regret the purchase entirely. If you buy one of these you will never be happy.


Neil Palmer, on said:

Claiming 240 hours of HD recording is deceptive & misleading advertising for the 1TB disks you are supplying in the Cisco 9865 PVRs. 120-150 hours is more like it. Or ARE you supplying units with the 2TB drives?


Robert Willson, on said:

We have an older PVR and there are a couple of programs recorded on it that we want to save.
If we get a new Netbox 3.0 is there any way that we can transfer these programs to it?


Laura Willems, on said:

I had my PVR replaced less than 2 months ago. I would like to have it swapped out for a Netbox 3.0. What offers does Rogers have for customers like myself?


Keith Worrell, on said:

It does not pay to purchase Rogers equipment! I have a router and two Nextboxes which are now all out of date and Rogers has no update program or policy! I am not going to throw away hundreds of dollars worth of equipment which is working just fine for minor gain!.


Denise FROMENT, on said:

I have a Netbox 2. That I purchased earlier this year. Can I exchange for a Netbox 3 and what would the cost be? .


marty moreau, on said:

why are u sending me this email u shoule change your ads …

ONTARIO ONLT {for God Sake}


marian morgan, on said:

No Way. We are most unhappy with the recent changes. Now we have to go to the guide to find out what is running on the channel that’s come up, and the guide is so small we have a hard time reading it. We want the captions back. We are among your older viewers, we have a large tv
and want the captions back and bigger text on the guide.


Kevin Fernandes, on said:

Netbox 3.0 sounds like an exciting new addition, I regretfully missed out on the special offer to try one out. is there anyway of getting one to try out.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Kevin,
    The trial period is over. However, you can go in a store and play with it to see how you like it, and obviously, you can take one home if you want! Thanks.

A. Cantell, on said:

I recently rented an additional cable box for my second tv. Would I not be able to rent the NetBox 3.0 for the same cost ($4.99)?
Thank you


G.Ebbitt, on said:

It’s all very wonderful, but I would just be happy if you could make the "Program Description" come back to the TV Guide.


Jean-Guy Poitras, on said:

How much does your netbox 3.0 cost per month and why is it that I cannot get any price info on how to order?


Victor Palermo, on said:

As usual you give every conceivable use and application of the NetBox.3 but no mention of the cost. How much?


Rita Cheng, on said:

I have a retal next box now from rogers and it’s the worst system I have. Don’t know I’d it’s the remote control or the system. When I press FAV button on the remote it gives me the list of FAV channels and I have to scroll down to get to the one I want. To make it worst there is a minute delay to read my remote control, it’s very frustrating. Can I exchange for the new 3.0 ?


Bernard Ship, on said:

Can I trade my netbox 2 for netbox 3?


jocelyne Chauvin, on said:

Don’t understand how you can charge existing customers 17.97 who pay alot more than 87.00 for a bundle yet you offer this to new customers.


John Mallon, on said:

I purchased an 8642HD Explorer from Costco, either last year or the year before.

What can you do for me?


Karl Berdan, on said:

Sorry but I do not use all the equipment as descript
in your offer, therfore I am not in need for the Nextbox 3.0 thank you verry much


Norm, on said:

If you are trying to tell me I can replace my existing PVR with a new, better one for free, then why not just come out and say it, As is, I am still confused about this whether I can move up or not. This is too long a blurb if that is the real simple point of the presentation here. Sorry, am I missing something?


Cathy Hesch, on said:

Is this available for your customers who already have an earlier version of NextBox?


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