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Illustration by Emory Allen

Just when you thought your user-friendly cable TV experience couldn’t get any better, Rogers swoops in with great new software enhancements for NextBox 3.0™. And it gets even better: Rogers will also continue to automatically upgrade your NextBox 3.0 software throughout the year to ensure you always get the ultimate viewing experience.

The new 3.0 enhancements – which update automatically without needing a box upgrade or any new hardware ­– now display content even faster, letting you find the programming you want easily, so you can spend more time watching your favourite shows, sports and movies. Exclusive for Ontario customers, enjoy the same great NextBox features (on NextBox 3.0 and 2.0 systems) you already love – including access to live sports and the most on-demand programming – in an amazing new way. Here’s how some of the new features will turn your viewing experience from cool to colossally awesome.

Fast-Tune Channel Selection

The first of many improvements to come is the fast channel-tune from the Guide, which loads channels even faster than before. In the past, when frantically flipping to the final minutes of a sporting event, for example, you might have experienced a lag before the channel loaded. Not anymore. NextBox now features a channel load that is speedier than ever, alleviating any on-the-edge-of-your-seat wait-time anxiety.

Popular Content Right At Your Fingertips

Rather than flip through channels searching for something great to watch,, the most popular TV shows can be found near the front of the Guide under Prime TV for easy access. No need to memorize channel schedules or search around for popular programs, such as The Big Bang Theory. It’s all right there, and easy to find. (Remember, if your channel choices are a little off-the-beaten-path, you can still Favourite your go-to content using your remote for simple and speedy access.)

New Releases in Crystal-Clear 1080p

Thanks to the enhancements to NextBox, watching your favourite new movie releases in pristine HD clarity is a given. Why? New to Rogers On Demand is an automatic 1080p display, so every shot is super-crisp and ultra-sharp from the get-go.

Upgraded Search and Recommendation Tool

The new reco tool is even more intuitive, meaning you can watch more of what you want without having to browse first. For example, if you watch an episode of Breaking Bad, the subsequent episode will automatically be prompted.

Take advantage of more content

The Rogers Anyplace TV™ Home Edition app features over 36 live channels, including Treehouse, Food Network HD, YTV HD and HGTV HD, giving you and the whole family even more of what you want.

Remember, these amazing enhancements are the first of many and won’t interfere with your viewing or require an upgrade. They’re all designed easily and seamlessly mesh with your current system to give you the best possible viewing experience.

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2 thoughts on “New NextBox Enhancements Make Watching TV Better Than Ever

Steve Hume, on said:

I have been making a simple request and it has been over a year waiting for an upgrade. I cannot see the bottom 2/5 the of the screen for 8 seconds after using fast forward and changing to play. What is the user value of this 8 seconds? It should be the simplest of fixes. Change it to .01 seconds if you have to.

NextBox 3 has many usability issues but this one is the most egregious. It even obscures advertising during fast forward, so I cannot see why the black shadow overlay is used. You do not have the best viewing experience, so it is unwise to say so in this post, if you cannot deliver.

Perhaps I should get a 25% discount for the TV that I cannot see. Or how about $0.25 every time I have to push the exit button to dismiss this stupid 8 seconds of extra shadow overlay, until you can make this simple fix.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Steve,
    We appreciate the feedback and will pass it along internally. Thanks for commenting.

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