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Think you know all the cool features that the new Rogers NextBox™ 3.0 has to offer? Take our quiz to test your knowledge on this revolutionary TV tool.

1. How many HD programs can you record at once using NextBox 3.0?

A. 5

B. 8

C. 6

D. 2


Answer: B

With NextBox 3.0, you will never miss a program again and can record up to eight HD programs at once. Now, when you’re watching How I Met Your Mother and a football game is airing at the same time, you can record them both – plus six other programs, too.

2. How many rooms in your house will the Rogers Whole Home PVR serve?

A. 8

B. 4

C. 7

D. 6


Answer: A

Rogers Whole Home PVR – a system consisting of a NextBox HD PVR terminal and additional NextBox HD terminals – lets you watch and record shows in up to eight rooms.

3. What two features on NextBox 3.0 allow you to rewind or skip content?

A. Threeminute skip and slow-motion playback

B. Four-minute skip and slow-motion playback

C. Five-minute skip and fast-motion playback

D. All the above


Answer: A

Three-minute skip allows you to blow through commercials, while slow-motion playback gives you the option to rewatch that “was it really over the crease?!” goal so you never miss a beat.


4. What’s the name of the app that let’s you manage your PVR recordings, watch live TV and browse the guide using your tablet or smartphone?

A. Rogers Wanna Watch app

B. Rogers EverythingTV app

C. Rogers Super Control app

D. Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app


Answer: D

With the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition app, your tablet or smartphone can be used as a remote to set your PVR, manage your recorded programs and more.

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42 thoughts on “The Know-Your-NextBox 3.0 Quiz!

Joanne, on said:

Does everybodys nextbox fan run all the time or is there something wrong with mine?


DebD, on said:

This is the 2nd NextBox I’ve had to get in less than a year and I still can’t get the Settings Search option to work. If I select the Search option it waits for several seconds then comes up with message "operation is not available (201)". Called Roger’s support – they couldn’t help. I found about about the Guide Search, from one of the forums, that you press the * key to get it to work — certainly wasn’t the Roger’s tech guy that showed up: he didn’t even know what I was talking about. Anyway if I try it right after a boot it will say "loading" and then nothing happens. If try the * key again I don’t even get that. I’ve called Roger’s support several times about this and it’s never been resolved.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi DebD,
    When rebooting the Nextbox 3.0, you should try waiting 10 minutes before using some of the advanced functions like the search function. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, we advise you to reach out to customer care via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook ( A customer care rep will be happy to look into this for you. If you don’t have social media access, you can also reach out to Customer Support via phone, mail or live chat. Find more info here: Thanks.

ANDREA, on said:

I had my malfunctioning Nextbox replaced again just before Xmas. Contrary to the advertising, my PVR will not record more than 1 show at a time. And secondly, and more infuriating, these newer boxes will not let you schedule repeat recordings, ie, a show on every Sunday at 9 – which is the primary reason I was interested in the PVR!!!
Is this a Roger’s software issue – or are these new Nextboxes a malfunctining mistake??


Sandra, on said:

After having the Nextbox 3.0 for about 6 weeks, we recently returned it and went back to our older model. We could not use the "TV Guide", we could not access any of the 100+ channels (including the Galaxie and Rogers On Demand). At one point point out box went into a "Digital Download" and we could not use out box for 4 days. We had the senior technicians out to our place 6 times, switched the box 3 times and still had problems however no one could tell us why. Very disappointing "Rogers"


    Darla, on said:

    altho i wasn’t with Rogers at the time, i had similiar problems like yourself & i saw the cable guys more than my friends. it never ended for years. i finally found out through logical deduction, it was due to the wiring in my condo bldg which was done by the cable company themselves.

    grace, on said:

    I have a rogers pvr that I paid $500 dollars for that only lasted 3 years. Why would I purchase another version by rogers that costs more than the TV? My VHS and/or recording DVD player cost less and worked for decades. All these products are nothing but scams to get more of the public’s money.

Michelle, on said:

Please PLEASE,PLEASE bring back the old guide. I do not like the new guide,I find it very confusing,I seem to be recording same program several times. I have great difficulty figuring out what has been recorded,what is set to record.
SERIOUSLY,is there not a way that I can just switch back to the old guide…please!!!


David Au, on said:

I have been a long time customer with Rogers.
I was never offer a free or free usage of a H D PVR or ever a H D box. I have to buy my own HD PVR box. I want to have a free or a free usage for your new NextBox 3.0.
a unhappy customer !


Joe, on said:

Why is the special bundling offer NOT offered to customers who are already paying for the combination of products included in the bundling promo? Seems very unfair to loyal customers. Makes one want to look for other options!!!


Noel Potts, on said:

Your net Box does all the things you have said it does, however most of the programmes I see in the Star TV guide are nothing but trash. Do you serve the juvenile segment of your TV viewers largely ? I largely watch PBS (WNED), TVO, CBC(News) and CNN (News) and some HBO series, i.e. Boardwalk Empire. Surely I am not one of the discerning viewers only !I hope that there will be some greater choices in the future.


John, on said:

If the nextbox is so great why don’t you show us how it works without a bunch of silly Q & A.
I have no idea what is really good from Rogers-just a bunch of hype.


    Emidio, on said:

    I agree with you,plus have a huge remote that comes without instructions at all.Still can’t figure it out.

Michelle, on said:

I now have netbox3 with VIP and I was told that all channel in white I could get but I have alot that say "not available" and some that come up black screen only. what gives??


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Michelle,

    Can you please reach out to Customer Support via Twitter @RogersHelps, Facebook, over the phone or Live Chat. A representative will look into it with you.

RICK LANE, on said:

NEXTBOX…. WHY? For what Rogers charges for their services you would expect they would supply all the hardware/software included in the monthly charges. I can wait.


syed khan, on said:

It is a wonderful achievement in the history of Rogers communications.



robert summerhill, on said:

nextbox 3.0 has too many flaws on certain channelsyou are watching a program and it goes off so you have to stop reboot to get your program back and sometimes you have to reboot twice I would return the box for a new one but then I lose all my recordings but I may just lose my patience and do it plus it will upgrade or download during a program


Aiman Arafeh, on said:

Seems very tempting, I would like to try it in the near future.


Doug Soper, on said:

I need to know how to use the Three minute skip and slow-motion playback. Can’t find it in the instruction sheet.

Can someone enlighten me ?

Thanks !



Phil Gagnon, on said:

Nextbox is just too expensive to buy. Your provide it to those who subscribe to a special package. Some companies discount it if one buys a tv.

Plus I read reviews of Nextbox 2.0 — very negative


Barb, on said:

I have the same question as Albert but nobody replied. Anybody knows?


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Barb,
    In response to Albert’s question, Chaun suggested that "for skip, use the page up button. Same for skip back three minutes. For the slow motion, puch play button twice." Thanks.

    Barb, on said:

    Thanks both. It works great now when I know how to do it !!!!
    I have a question about downloading the software. It starts in the most unfortunate times.
    Why can’t it be done during nights?

James, on said:

I have been trying to get my nextbox 3.0 working properly for almost a week and still no sucess. The system reboots while I am watching, it constantly is downloading and I still can’t access the movie network suite of channels, rogers on demand or the search function. 10 calls for tech support and a switch out of boxes hasn’t helped.


Sarah, on said:

Sounds better than my current rogers box. I’ll get around to switching them eventually.


elio ferraro, on said:

My next box 3.0 does not work properly .I have had 3 techs and 3 new boxes and you still can,t give me whole home service.I had to pay for another pvr for my bedroom because the next box 3.0 does not work properly.It gets confused when i;m recording one or more shows.the reciever in my bed room which is only 30feet away cannot play any recorded shows.I am very frustrated with your service .The next box 3.0 does not work as your company claims.


    ConnectedStaff, on said:

    Hi Elio,
    We’re sorry to hear about this inconvenience. Could you please report this to customer care via Twitter @RogersHelps or on Facebook ( A customer care rep will be happy to look into this and help. Thanks.

William, on said:

Where can you find full documentation from Rogers on how to use Nextbox 3.0

Answer: Unknown


D Maunder, on said:

I saw your NetBox 3.0 at a friends house.
One of the most disappointing things I noticed first and foremost was the screen resolution wasn’t auto adjusting.
That’s the biggest complaint I had when I was a Bell Aliant customer and also one of the determining factors on switching to Rogers.

Netbox 3.0 is a Motorola box. When viewing to standard definition channel it displays a smaller picture in the middle of the TV screen – That’s not cool.
I’ll stick with my current Rogers box that has auto sensing and adjust the screen resolution automatically so my TV picture is always full screen whether it’s High Def or Standard Def.

Thanks but you can keep it.. maybe I’ll go with Netbox 4.0 provided it gives me a full screen picture on all the channels I watch.


Marlins Timbeck, on said:

How much $$$$$ ???.


Tom, on said:

Why don’t they say how much more it costs to rent or own in one of the questions above??


Ellery Hollingsworth, on said:

If the Nextbox 3.0 is any thing like the Nextbox HD box I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole


Steve Collens, on said:

Good things to know. To bad you won’t give me one as I have been a customer for over 6 years. As long as you aren’t a customer of Rogers you get a free one, but if you been a customer for years you don’t get anything. The only thing I got when signing up was the option of renting a standard definition box for $5.00/month for 6+ years and counting. I guess if I want a free nextbox, I will have to move all my services (tv, home phone, internet, wireless) to someone else.


Albert, on said:

how to :Threeminute skip and slow-motion playback???


    Chaun, on said:

    Albert, for skip, use the page up button. Same for skip back three minutes. For the slow motion, puch play button twice. ;-)

Margaret, on said:

Your nextbox fan is to LOUD.


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