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Greg Hall

Twice as fast top speeds

From up to 75 Mbps to 150 Mbps – seriously
You don’t even need to leave the house to know we Canadians are doing more than ever online. We watch HD video on demand, video chat with friends and transfer gigantic files to one another.

But it’s not just about the home PC anymore: laptops, tablets, game consoles, Wi-Fi smartphones and more are all begging to get online.

That’s precisely why the Rogers Hi-Speed Internet network has been, and continues to be, upgraded, offering even more reliable access, now doubling download speeds up to 150 Mbps with its Ultimate tier package. These system-wide improvements meet not just today’s demand but also future-proof internet access in Canada.

What does 150 Mbps mean?

  • A song download finishes before you even realize it’s begun
  • Streaming video starts as soon as you hit play – no waiting
  • A music video downloads in four seconds
  • A 1 GB HD video downloads in less than a minute
  • Online gaming suffers near-zero lag

Rogers Enhanced Wi-Fi Modem

Stronger internet all over the house
With the new Rogers Enhanced Wi-Fi Modem, dead zones and weak signals are a thing of the past.

Goodbye, dead zones
And good riddance. With wireless internet access anywhere in the house, you can listen to music streaming with AirPlay on your tablet or with a set of wireless speakers while enjoying the last mild days of fall in the backyard. The kids get the same super-fast internet to research a school project whether they’re in their room or at the kitchen table.

Bye-bye, wires
The Xbox in the living room or basement enjoys wired-like speeds without the extra wires. The 802.11n wireless technology in the Rogers Enhanced Wi-Fi Modem means a much stronger signal in more places in your home. Streaming video, downloading and gaming on your home wireless network needs the broader spectrum of 802.11n.

Easy Connect

Networking made easy
As you bring more and more devices into your home, you need an easy way to get them all onto your home network. Enter Easy Connect. Simply insert the Easy Connect key into a USB port and the device connects instantly.  Easy Connect makes setting up the Enhanced Wi-Fi Modem (see p.57) a breeze. You just plug in your modem, plug the Easy Connect key into your computer and click “Next.”

It really doesn’t get much easier than that. The Easy Connect key will take care of the entire configuration and all your devices will be online in no time.

Set some rules
Easy Connect lets you set network-wide rules for the kids (such as no internet after 11 p.m.) or create specific rules for specific devices that connect on the network (such as the internet access on the Xbox between 9 p.m. and 3 p.m. the next day).

Give visitors access
Easy Connect gives you the option to create a second “guest” network. Keep one secure home network to give all the devices in your house full access and still share your internet connection with visiting friends or family.

Rogers TechXpert – Friendly tech help

Phone a friend
Ever wished you had a friend you could call or message whenever the computer acts up, your tablet starts acting strangely or when you can’t figure out how to get all your music from your laptop onto your smartphone? The new tech-support service, Rogers TechXpert, offers just that. Call or text and quickly get connected with a Canadian tech-head who’s ready, willing and able to help with whatever ails your tech.

Sit back and relax
Rather than Googling a solution to your computer woes, sifting through forums or downloading software, let a friendly Rogers TechXpert take remote control of your computer and get the job done. Whether it’s a computer virus, a rogue program or some other problem, a Rogers TechXpert is on the line to get the problem solved.

They fix gear, too
Rogers TechXpert brings the TechXpert treatment to your computer as well as your tablet, game console, home router, printer and more. Get expert advice and let the tech do the work!


* Refers to maximum theoretical speeds. Visit for full details

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25 thoughts on “Your Internet Energized

hamid kheiry, on said:

I just got a new wi fi enhanced modem from rogers.sat it up wired on my desk top the speed is extreemly slow.but laptop wirelessly conected has o.k. speed.I called rogers tech service even those who charge for advise.they could not resolve the issue.anybody can help?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Hamid,

    Sorry to hear that. I’d advise you to contact Customer Care via Twitter @RogersHelps or Facebook. Our team is here to assist you!

William, on said:

How do I know if I am getting this speed, cause it sure doesn’t look like it.

Is this only for the top package or for all ?


A Dewd, on said:

Will there be a modem only option? I already have a full function wireless router.


Ted, on said:

How much $ for Hi Speed modem 150 Mhz.
Why be so coy?


Antonio Leonetti, on said:

How much is the price now with this new service.


Tammy Maxon, on said:

how much does it cost? what’s involved?


Yuk LAN chan, on said:

I am the Rogers customer, I am looking for the Internet package. Can you provide a good deal for Internet package to me. Pls reply. Thanks


Michael Laurence, on said:

It would really be indicative of a professional and customer-service oriented company if these previous questions were promptly answered!


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Michael,

    We’re indeed replying to customers as quickly as we can. Is there anything we can assist you with?

Mike Block, on said:

So when do you plan to match Bell and others for some better upstream speeds? Since video sharing is a bigger fabric of the web these days, seems archaic not to improve the upload speeds for users to services like YouTube.

I’ve been with Rogers since 1996 and always complement the service (barely any downtime in years of service) but the limited upstream is enticing me elsewhere…


Barry Finlay, on said:

I just got the Hitron modem/router and my wireless signal is worse than ever. I get a stronger signal from my neighbour’s house that I do from my own router.

Any suggestions?


    George, on said:

    Update the firmware of your router or wireless adapter or both…. %99 postive that its a firmware issue.

Corinne McGee, on said:

How much does this Hi Speed internet cost. i didn’t see any pricing.


Paul Elford, on said:

How do I know if I have this speed? Your technician recently installed a Cisco DPC3825.

I had to wire a connection to a Smart TV because I couldn’t get wireless connection without buffering. Modem is only 30 ft. away but signal must go through 2 brick walls. Cell phone only gets 2 bars unless I’m in the room with the modem.

Should I be getting a different modem? Is there another charge?


    @RogersNicolas, on said:

    Hi Paul,

    I’d suggest you to get in touch with Customer Care so that they may look into it.

Robert Tucker, on said:

How do I make this happen for me? Do I take my existing Hi-speed modem to a specific store to exchange it?


    sam, on said:

    Robert, call customer care, register a complaint. ..note the case ID, take your Photo ID and Case ID to the nearest roger store location and get a modem exchange for no cost, don’t forget to ask them to activate it before leaving the store.

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