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Illustration by Lennart Andresen

If you came up with a TV wish list – all the things you wish your Digital TV subscription could let you do – what would be on it? Being able to watch an episode of a show you missed last week? The ability to watch TV on your tablet? How about being able to watch entire seasons of shows – both current ones (such as Dexter and Modern Family) and shows that are no longer in production (like 24)?  Your TV wish list is now reality, thanks to four services from Rogers. Here’s what they are, how they work and how they’ll change “there’s nothing on TV tonight” into “I can’t decide what to watch!”

Wish #1: “I wish I could watch entire seasons of my favourite shows.”

Wish granted! A brand new service from Rogers offers the selection of a stocked video store right in your own home. It’s ideal for people who got hooked on a TV series in Season 3 and want to catch it from the beginning (to find out, for example, what really happened between Glee’s Puck and Quinn). It’s also great for fans who want to enjoy complete seasons of a series (Arrested Development marathon, anyone?) without the bother of purchasing DVDs.

With this service, you can watch episodes of your favourite series any time you want, without having to search for a video store that might have it in stock or making room to store all those DVDs.

What is it, exactly? It’s a brand new worry-free rental service that lets you catch up on complete seasons of TV series that are currently on air or no longer being produced.

What can I do with it? Rent episodes, three or four at a time, for a seven-day period. Watch them all in a row, over the week or over and over again. It’s up to you.

How do I get it? This service is available through Rogers On Demand (Ch. 100). Three-or four-episode bundles cost $3.99 or $4.99 each, which can be billed to your Rogers account. No additional subscription required.

Wish #2: “I wish I could watch TV on my computer, tablet or smartphone.”

You can! Rogers Anyplace TV lets you enjoy TV viewing when you’re out and about. This service turns any idle time – on the bus, in line – into Modern Family, New Girl or, for the kids, Treehouse time. You’re in control of what, when and where you watch, no remote required.

What is it, exactly? Rogers Anyplace TV is programming offered over the internet and mobile internet in Canada.

What can I do with it? Watch TV shows, sports, movies, multicultural programming, movie trailers, music videos and more on your computer, tablet, smartphone or Xbox 360.*

How do I get it? Register for an account at (it’s free and easy to register) to start watching on whichever device you choose.

Wish #3: “I wish I could stay in bed and watch a show I recorded on my living-room PVR.”

No problem! Stay under the covers and enjoy the show. With Whole Home PVR, you can network two NextBox™ HD PVRs and up to seven HD terminals. That means each PVR can record up to two shows at once, and you can watch a recorded program in up to four rooms at once – so you can separate yourself from a chatty Cathy (or Charlie) when Game of Thrones is on and watch it where you like.

What is it, exactly? Whole Home PVR lets you access, play and manage recordings from any networked TV with a NextBox HD PVR and NextBox HD terminal in your home. It’s an easy way to ensure everyone enjoys TV at home the way they want.

What can I do with it? Experience viewing freedom with Follow Me TV, which lets you start a recorded program in one room, stop it and then resume watching it in another room. You can also play and delete recordings on your main PVR from any TV in your home. Pause and replay live TV to take a break or grab a snack. Plus, enjoy up to 140 hours of HD storage capacity, so you’ll never miss a must-record show again!

How do I get it? Visit to order or upgrade your existing service.

Wish #4: “I wish I could watch an episode of a show I missed last week.”

Granted! Whether you need to get caught up on who was voted off, who received a rose or who got slushied, you can now find out easily. Rogers lets you access recent episodes of your favourite shows on demand – meaning, at a time that works for you and your busy schedule.

What is it, exactly? It’s a way to catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite television shows at a time that’s convenient for you.

What can I do with it? Watch recent episodes of shows from such channels as Citytv, Global, CBC, Treehouse and premium services such as The Movie Network, HBO Canada and Super Channel. You can also rent movies the same day they become available at the video store.

How do I get it? Rogers On Demand is available for free* to all Digital TV subscribers on Channel 100.

*Some on-demand content is available for an additional charge.

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3 thoughts on “TV Utopia

Theresa, on said:

wish I could just find some basic basic info on setting up the PVR, and on seeing what channels I’m supposed to be getting based on what I paid for, since what I had with the analog appears to be better than what I am getting with the digital that was supposed to fix a problem., and I wish I could cherry pick the other stations I would like to have – without having a single sports station even visible on the programme menu page.
frustrated with your so called help that is really marketing….


Marc, on said:

The above link as advertised in the TV Utopia article is not valid. How do I sign up?


kevin, on said:

I wish my cable tv package was more customizeable.
Imagine having basic cable with all necessary Canadian content as mandated by CRTC & being able to add a ‘nets package’ with FOX, ABC, CBS & NBC, a ‘sports package’ with Sportsnet, TSN, Score, Speed & Golf Tv & a ‘learning package’ with Discovery, History, National Geographic, all for less than $50/month?
WOW – THAT would be AMAZING!


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